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Welcome to Authenturkish!

authenturkish - authentic, handmade Turkish products


“Authenturkish” is here to bring you the most unique designs and accessories originating from…you guessed it…Turkey! To learn more about the amazing scavenger hunts that these two guys go on to bring you the coolest products, check out the “about us” section of the newly launched website at

The dynamic Turkish duo is beyond ecstatic to offer cool new products that you truly have never seen before. Ranging from fabulous products for your home such as rugs and pillow covers, to beautiful items including purses and shawls for the ladies, this duo’s got something for everyone! Authenturkish features authentic Turkish items, including several vintage and hand-made pieces with an array of colors and patterns, from neutral to bold and geometric to floral the possibilities are endless.

They are excited to let you all know that they are in business and the official soft-launch of Authenturkish just began on 07/26/2016. These two are experts when it comes to online sales, but if you’re in the greater Chicago area you’re in luck because these guys have plans to venture out locally. Check back again very soon in the upcoming blog post to find out what these two have been up to and where you might have the chance to snag up some of their cool products locally very, very soon!

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