Kilim Handmade Flat Woven Rug - 2'8" x 3'5"

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This beautiful Turkish kilim rug is sure to brighten any space with its vibrant colors. Featuring teal, green, brown and more the color blocks feature colorful geometric hand-woven details that beautifully contrast with the background colors of the rug.

The kilim rug is hand woven along the Mediterranean coastal region of Turkey. It is masterfully hand woven from 100% top quality wool for enduring beauty. Minimally processed hand spun wool provides simplicity, charm and authentic texture to this kilim rug. This beautiful piece will withstand wear and tear over time, adding the perfect touch of vintage character to your space for many years to come.

Adding to the uniqueness of this kilim is the top-notch quality and condition it exhibits, this timeless classic has been in storage .