Pink Handmade Overdyed Rug Pillow 16"x16"

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Fill your home with the timeless patterns, colors, and textures of authentic kilim throw pillows. This handmade kilim pillow is made of a vintage Turkish kilim rug aged approximately 30-50 years old. Each of our kilim pillow covers is cut from a vintage kilim, so no two pillow cases are ever exactly alike. The combination of the beautiful turquoise neutral hues featured in this piece help create a casual, inviting feel in any room plus an added pop of color.


 100% wool front; minimally processed wool provides simplicity, charm and authentic texture to the pillow cover
 100% cotton back; durable cotton backing
 Hidden zipper closure
 Made of handwoven (flat-weave) kilim rugs
 Subtle shading in the yarn provides depth and variation to the colors, a hallmark of the vintage originals

*Pillow Insert is not included.

**Slight color or pattern imperfections may occur due to the handmade vintage nature of this product.